I’m Emma, which is hopefully relatively obvious from the name of this site, and I’ve been using emmafull online for longer than I care to admit as it makes me feel old! It started out as (and still is) my email handle and was born out of the hardship of trying to come up with a unique address when your name is Emma Davies. I’ve described as needing the world to be full of emmas (there are plenty around but I don’t think we all need to be called Emma) and how I feel when at my best: shiny, happy and a little bit crazy.

Feel free to think of it as you will 🙂

This website is me talking about all the things that make me shiny, happy and a little bit crazy. For the most part that is presents, or gifts, whether they are handmade, home-made, or bought. I love gift-giving. I love thinking about the person who I want to give a present to and find something that won’t just sit on their shelf but will be appreciated and bring just a little bit of extra joy to them on that day.

That does sound a little bit sickening but I promise you it is true. It is probably born out of loving Christmas and birthdays and having both so close together, I spend 11 months of the year not receiving any presents so you want to make the most out of the presents and gifts you give. I also have a strong dislike of clutter and hoarding – that’s not to say that my flat is immaculate, far from it, more to say I don’t like things without a purpose – although I also struggle to throw things away I have received as gifts as I know the intentions behind them.

I also do my best to re-gift (regift sp?!) and pass something that I might not necessarily enjoy to its fullest across to someone who I know will. I’ve still gotten the joy of opening the present and then I get to experience the joy of giving a great gift to someone else. How can re-gifting (I think I’m sticking with that over regifting) not be a good thing?

I’ll be writing about the presents and gifts that I’ve made myself, bought and found online and offline that I am giving to family and friends. It will hopefully be something thought out, a bit different, and potentially appreciated! Feel free to email emmafull@yahoo.co.uk with any present or gift suggestions that you think my friends and family might love.


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