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Random(ish) acts of kindness: a Valentine’s (or anti-Valentine’s) special

I think that kindness comes in many forms (I’ve blogged about being kind to yourself before), I also think that it isn’t always easy to be kind (whether it is to yourself or otherwise). Sometimes what seems kind to one person can actually seem like a poke in the eye to another.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think we should take the time to make the effort (even if it isn’t fully appreciated or is taken the wrong way, should kindness need to be recognised?). Sometimes though you have to let it out and feel it before you can start to be kind to yourself or even to someone else. But once it is out, look after yourself (I did with a delicious Hotel Chocolat biscuit on a particularly gruelling Monday) and then start thinking about spreading a bit of kindness to others. It is after all nearly Valentine’s Day (there I used the v-word, it is now completely out of the way).

random acts of kindness
All you need is chocolate. The perfect random act of kindness maybe?

You may have guessed from this site that I’m not always big on commercial gifting (not that I would ever say no to being given a present or a gift on valentine’s day or any day to be honest), I’m thinking the cliche commercial gifting of big red roses and a box of chocolates (although chocolate is a gift for all seasons) but if that is what you love then go for it. You do you as they say (they say that somewhere in the world, right?).

Valentine’s day seems to be one of those occasions that can bring people down (whether you are single, together, or going through a tough time) as well as getting us in that Barry White kinda mood (does anyone else miss the walrus of love?). However you are feeling I have an idea that is (hopefully) going to spread some kindness.

Request a random(ish) act of kindness

In honour of that pesky St Valentine I am going to post out little (edible-filled) random(ish) bags of kindness to people. All I ask is that you don’t request one for yourself, you request one for someone else and let me know why they deserve a random act of kindness. I will post something out to them completely anonymously (and complete free of charge to you (just think of me as Cupid)). I’m doing this as I think that it is just a small way to make someone feel like they matter and that someone, somewhere is thinking about them. It isn’t always easy to count your blessings and I hope that this idea goes a small way towards helping someone to do that or just helping to put a smile on their face (a hug in the post if you will).

Simply drop me an email emmafull@yahoo.co.uk with KINDNESS in the subject line, tweet me, or leave a comment and I will be in touch. If no one does get in touch, then that is ok, I am thinking that if that happens then I will leave little random acts of kindness (edible filled treats) in and around the streets of Birmingham on Tuesday to hopefully spread a little happiness.



2 thoughts on “Random(ish) acts of kindness: a Valentine’s (or anti-Valentine’s) special

  1. Such a lovely idea Emma, can think of a friend who is very stressed at work at the minute! Let me know if you don’t have any takers


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