A visit to Saffron Walden (also known as a trip to find a gift for me!)

I feel like I am going to say ‘I love…’ about a lot of things in the posts on this website, but I am purposefully looking for things that make me feel shiny, happy, or crazy (or all three). This weekend I went to Saffron Walden for the first time, where I stayed with the wife (Josephine) and her family. The wife is married to The Eagle who is in the army and so have only recently moved to Saffron Walden.

And it was pretty. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it definitely delivered. A little town/village not far from Cambridge and stacked full of independent and chain shops full of all kinds of things. From toys, to emoji poo cushions, to cream cakes, to clothes, Saffron Walden had it covered! And I would definitely be back (even when the wife eventually has to leave) to explore as there are lots of vintage, crafty, handmade and homemade things that I love. Also it will be far easier without the addition of the youngest member of the family who at not quite two years old is not a fan of shopping (yet).

The first gift for me

On being picked up from the station, the wife and the second youngest member of the family took me to Debden Barns which is full of antiques, gifts, fairies, and much more and as all three of us like a gift for ourselves now and again so the percentages were high that we would buy. And well, we came across a family of elephants on key rings who were adorably cute and begging to be taken home with us. So it wasn’t just a gift for me but a gift for all three of us, and well, can you blame us:

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A second gift for me…

Over the weekend the wife also took me to an English Heritage event at Audley End house. The Victorian travelling show included a fire show, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, folk songs, and Victorian shops, and as I am a sucker for a free sample the food tent got me straight away! They had a selection of hot chocolate that was hard to resist (or actually impossible to resist!) especially after offered aforementioned free sample; plus I am a big fan of packaging that looks like you could do it yourself (which I do try and do but my results are nowhere near as good); So the decision to buy two hot chocolates for £12 and split them between me and the wife was a no-brainer. We’re going to swop halfway through (if we can resist) and share these beauties from The Copper Pot (I’m starting with 18th Century Cardamom and Long Pepper Hot Chocolate):

A final gift for me?

While browsing in Saffron Walden, we also came across a pop-up jewellery, handmade, clothing, and generally all things nice, shop. And in the window were two gorgeous little charms from Lily Charmed. I think these little charms that are gold plated or sterling silver completely live up to their name. They are thoughtful, a little provoking, and just that bit different from the norm. Somehow I managed to resist buying one there and then, but I am currently wrestling with myself and wondering whether I deserve a treat?

But then how do I choose?! (Note the above half price offer is no longer available as far as I am aware) I am rather taken with the charm above but as a seasoned biscuit lover (Original Biscuit is another side project) can I really resist buying me and the wife one of these:

Answers on a postcard please on what I should buy (or if I should buy)!


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