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Alcohol and cake (the perfect combination?!)

I can be a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to buying gifts and I also love a bargain. This means that the Christmas sales (I do know it is May) are opportunities for me to squirrel away gifts to give people later in the year. They still have to be something I know they will appreciate and looking in the right places during sales can be the perfect opportunity to find the right something for someone.

Steamer Trading Company in Chester came up trumps in December when I spotted alcoholic pastilles from Smith & Sinclair at a bargain 75% off and with a long sell by date – it was an absolute no-brainer! The packaging is bold and beautiful and might also have been a deciding factor in the purchase (as was the alcohol!). Even full price I think these little alcoholic sweets are so different they are worth splurging on and are just that bit different than giving someone a bottle of Gin, Rum, or Whiskey (although you could give those as well!).

I recently teamed them with another foodie present from the lovely people at BakedIn. Again they had a bargain offer of £12 for two boxes of four mug kits (if that makes sense), a chocolate brownie kit, and four individual mug kits. I have quite a few friends who love cake (to be fair who doesn’t) but wouldn’t necessary cook a cake themselves so this kit is simple, easy, tasty and most importantly not run of the mill which makes it a perfect present.

Oh and I had to wrap both presents with some upcycled – I’m sorry but sometimes some wrapping paper is too nice to throw away – wrapping paper from Paperchase. I can also confirm that the mug kits were baked on the night of the birthday and apparently went down a storm with some Ben and Jerry’s!


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