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Chocolate crackling, the ultimate bacon gift?

I’ve definitely taken the element of surprise out of the content of this post with that title but perhaps the idea of chocolate crackling is enough of a surprise as it is? To be honest this was a complete impulse buy when I spotted it in the farm shop at Battlefield 1403 in Shrewsbury. Perhaps one of the secrets of being a good gift giver is knowing when to not over think and simply purchase?

I’ll talk more about the potentially ultimate bacon gift of chocolate crackling in a moment but I have to talk about Battlefield 1403 first as it is a gem of a place (and farm shop) and I will be back. It was my first time visiting and it was only because myself and the lovely Lara Page (friend and as a bonus colleague) decided we needed a treat after a pitch for new work. We had the excitement of spotting Rio Ferdinand (although on closer inspection it was just a younger look-a-like), a chocolate cake that was responsible for over-loud orgasmic type sounds, and a trip to the farm shop.

Bacon gifts at Battlefied 1403
Eating cake, looking for bacon gifts, and generally enjoying the sunshine at Battlefield 1403

Not only does the farm shop have that chocolate crackling it also has actual bacon. And, well, everything you would expect from a farm shop and then some. I mean how often do you find somewhere that sells multiple flavours of Turkish Delight by the 100 grams? Lemon, rose, pomegranate (I know!), and pistachio flavours are not what I normally expect to find in a farm shop.

Bacon gifts, the never-ending challenge

To be fair I don’t normally expect to find many bacon gifts such as chocolate crackling in a farm shop but perhaps expecting the unexpected is another secret of a good gift giver? I have previously found bacon jam by Eat 17 to give as a gift (it goes deliciously well with brie) but finding new bacon gifts is always a new and welcome challenge (I’ve also sent bacon in the post with Cure & Simple and well, apart from the obvious, who doesn’t love monthly bacon deliveries?).

I suppose, again apart from the obvious, bacon gifts don’t really need an explanation as to why you would buy them for someone. Whether you love your bacon crispy or a bit more pink you can achieve both of those things (and serious flavour) with the two bacon gifts I’ve purchased previously. But chocolate crackling is one of those things that immediately screams crazy, unique, and a complete one-off that it had to go in my basket (with the Turkish Delight and an incredibly tasty cheese scone).

The chocolate crackling is by OWOW Chocolates and their website doesn’t really do the packaging of this particular bacon gift justice. Hopefully the following instagram will instead:

Chocolate crackling: it is not as bad as you’d think

I sent this as the final part of the alcohol and cake present mentioned in my previous post to my oldest friend (as in I’ve known him the longest, I am obligated to say he is fractionally younger than me) David Harper. And well when you make it onto their Facebook as a post being the talk of their office (that’s where I sent said present) you know your impulse purchase was bang on.

And when people start commenting wanting to know how it tastes you can be reasonably assured it is going to be a bacon gift to remember. Feedback so far however isn’t declaring chocolate crackling as the new gourmet delicacy of the year more that ‘it is not as bad as you’d think’. Maybe I still have some way to go before I find the ultimate sweet and savoury bacon gift? Feel free to leave me a comment with any suggestions for the next bacon present 🙂



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