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Putting on my elf hat (also known as helping out with gift ideas)

So, you might have figured out by now that I donate a (very) significant amount of time to buying presents and gifts that are that bit different, that bit unique, and that bit (hopefully) right for the lucky (again hopefully) gift recipient.

I do, on occasion, help other people think of ideas (or I end up solely in charge of thinking of the gift (when it comes to my mum and dad my brother lacks a smidge of imagination, to be fair they are awkward to buy for )) and I do love perusing the internet for the handmade, homemade, or just plain different gift.

Sometimes they do tend to be quite bacon related (bacon jam and chocolate crackling have made it into a few gifts) and sometimes I will buy the same thing for more than one person (or make, last year I made pyjamas for all my lovely female friends).

Do you need a gift idea?

So…as I need to keep blogging and keep motivated I am putting myself at the disposal of anyone who needs a gift idea (I realise I may live to regret this but as its the time for a bit of spice, why not? (or is spice just to be in Christmas cake?)). Leave me a comment, drop me an email or tweet me with the following:

  • are you buying a gift for a man, woman or child?
  • how old are they?
  • what’s your budget?
  • why do want a unique gift for them?

And I will do my best to find 3 different ideas for you and send you links (no affiliated or monetized links either as I don’t have that in place!) where you can purchase.

This isn’t a competition, I will try my hardest to do this for anyone who contacts me (and if nobody does well more present hunting for me :)) but please bear in mind that I’m not charging any money for this and they are simply ideas – no commitment necessary!

If I’m way off in my ideas please tell me so I can improve my gift buying ability.

Buy a gift from my recommendation and I’ll donate a £1

If anyone does buy a gift that I’ve recommended I will donate a £1 to your choice of the following charities:

I should probably have a disclaimer and terms and conditions and all that but as the season of goodwill is nearly upon us I am hoping you can all be trusted to not troll me if this idea goes horribly wrong!



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