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The gift of feel-good gift giving (if that’s not a tongue twister I don’t know what is)

I love discovering new places for gifts through any means possible. If I go to a craft fair my handbag can become a collection of business cards and flyers of places where I need to buy gifts from (sometimes I do buy but sometimes they do get a second look and end up in the bin (harsh but fair I know)).

Recently I’ve discovered two perfect present places via Bright Paper Packages and Ohh Deer. Firstly let me tell you a bit about Bright Paper Packages as I love a gift subscription service and this is a lovely one for me (yes this is a gift for myself!). It is a monthly box filled of things from small, independent businesses and while some of the things maybe gifted on (which there is nothing wrong with and is something Bright Paper Packages suggests) some of them will be kept and added to my gifting encyclopaedia (also known as my Pinterest board) and one of those gifts is The Soap Co.

Simple yet luxurious soap from the Soap Co.

The Soap Co. have beautifully minimalist black and white branding with braille on the front. They are a social enterprise who employ people who are blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged. And if that doesn’t make you want to buy a gift from them for someone then the product definitely will.

I received the Black Poppy and Wild Fig 125g bar soap. I’m not normally a fan of soap but the branding is just so clever , simple, and represents what they do in a beautiful way without being twee or patronising. It looks and feels like a good luxury brand and it made me want to keep hold of it myself (always a sign of a good gift) and use it and I’m glad I did! The poppy seeds not only exfoliate but they also feel like a little massage in the shower. I will admit the fragrance could be stronger but subtle can be good and it does have a luxurious lather. I seem to be all about the alliterations in this post today but despite that their collection is definitely worth a perusal for that female or male in your life. Go look, go buy, and go feel good.

The wild fig and black poppy soap from Soap Co.
The wild fig and black poppy soap from Soap Co.

Then head over to ohhdeer.com or Arthouse Meath which is where I got my next feel good purchase from (and one I will resist keeping for myself…although it is chocolate…hmmmm). Anyway, back to where I found it first: Ohh Deer.

Ohh Deer describes itself as the home of quirky illustrated gifts and you’ve probably realised by now that that is right up my street. I think I originally found Ohh Deer via Twitter (which was a fantastic discovery) and they have a fantastic range of cards, stationery, accessories, clothing, and more (including chocolate) all illustrated by talented people and independent companies. I might actually have been prompted to shop and buy this time as I’d received a discount code so I suppose I’ve potentially been partially suckered in by marketing/promotions but I’m not really fussed about that when it comes to chocolate and unusual chocolate to boot.

More shark gifts (and chocolate again to boot!)

It had SHARKS on. So you’ve probably guessed who I’m thinking of gifting a shark gift to.  And I didn’t realise there was a feel good giving side of this until it arrived. It is homemade chocolate with sea salt and crisp crunch (let’s take a momennt to go mmmm) and I love the quirky illustration and the flavour combination.

Sharkingly good chocolate and a free birthday card
Sharkingly good chocolate and a free birthday card

The illustration is by the Arthouse Meath artists. They are men and women living with complex epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties. Based in Surrey they have a shop open in Godalming, an online shop plus they are available via other stockists.

Obviously I immediately checked out their sale (as who wouldn’t?) and have had a perusal around their other treasures. It is also worth doing the same on ohhdeer.com as I have found the perfect gem of a gift on there (revealed post-Christmas (unless you talk nicely to me) as the recipient might be reading!).

I do have a few other quirky yet feel good gifts to reveal (and reveal pre-Christmas to boot) but they have to stay secret until opened.

Don’t forget I have my elf hat on (in the name of charity)

Hopefully you’ve read that I’m putting my elf hat on and searching for gifts and presents for other people. If I’ve tickled your pickle slightly with these two lovely offerings then why not head over to my previous post and then drop me an email or a comment? It is also in the name of charity so there are multiple feel-good gift giving ideas going on 🙂


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