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Finding gift inspiration (also known as I’m making a list and I’m checking it twice)

Everyone I know has been (reasonably) nice so that is the first thing off my list. The second is (hopefully obvious by now) that I want to find those shiny, happy gifts that come from independent businesses making bespoke handmade, homemade, or different gifts.

Of course I do buy from the big retailers as well. I’ll be going to John Lewis to buy some presents, Amazon for others, and of course there has to be the food hall at Selfridges or Harvey Nichols (and yes I am lucky (or unlucky) to live in Birmingham and have easy access to both).

But that never stops me from keeping an eye out online and on the high street for those fabulous small businesses (and charity shops) that might have the perfect gem of a present.

I know I’ve mentioned Ohh Deer in my previous post but I thought it would be good to point out a few (there were going to be more than two but this post was turning out to be long!) other places for gift inspiration (gift-piration perhaps? or perhaps not). So let’s start with Not on the High Street.

Not on the High Street but definitely found on my street (I apologise for that terrible pun)

This is an obvious one I know but there is a reason for that. It does bring together a wide (and fantastic) selection of different businesses with all manner of bespoke presents. A few items that I personally love (some of which I have bought previously) are:

I’m slightly concerned two chocolate items might be two too many but its just where my heart lies (or my stomach, probably that thinking about it).

That’s Nice That but definitely not naughty (once again I apologise)

That’s Nice That don’t really tell you much about themselves apart from that they love to find new products (who doesn’t?). The brand itself is very nice and so are a lot of things they sell. I’m a big fan of enamel at the minute (I think it is the feel of it plus it is bang on trend and it fits well with my accident prone-ness) and I love the first item that would be on my gift list. They are functional or a beautiful accessory that surely most people would love to receive? The scrabble cookie cutters would be a great purchase for those friends that love the game and love to bake (two in one there) and finally the mexican skull mug has the wife’s name written all over it as a fabulous gift channelling the day of the dead and it is something I haven’t come across before.

Wrapping this up for this post at least (final apology on the bad pun heading front)

I could carry on for ever and a day on all places to look and I will do another post on places such as Etsy, Folksy, The Curious Pancake, Litographs, the British Library and more. Finally if  after searching all the above (and more) the perfect present is still eluding me, I turn to Google. Google, after all, has all the answers. If I’ve got the gem of a gift idea rootling around in my brain I will type what it is into Google to try and find the new and unusual shop for whatever I am after.

One of the last things I was trying to find was a temporary stick on pocket for a shirt (for my awkward Dad). And I so very nearly found it. Etsy had a seller (Re:Up) who had created such a random item but they unfortunately are on a hiatus. I also found Noso Adhesive Pockets who unfortunately look like they aren’t selling at present. So that’s (literally) one idea I will have to tuck in my pocket for another time.

As you might have seen I’m putting on my elf hat (in the name of charity too) and offering ideas for Christmas presents out to anyone who needs one. Pop over and have a look for more details or just drop me a comment below 🙂


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