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I love you more than cheese (potentially)

I recently took a trip to Liverpool (it being only 30 minutes away from Mum and Dad’s in North Wales) and this is where I discovered that I love you more than cheese. Wait no, that’s not quite right, it is where I discovered a hidden gem (to me anyway) of a shop called MYNE Boutique and one of their designers MollycatCraftCo stood out in particular.

The MYNE Boutique is in the Bluecoat in Liverpool which is one of my favourite places to visit in the city. To be fair to Liverpool it has a lot of quirky, creative, and independent places within its centre and I am spoilt for choice when I visit. As it proclaims itself though it is the ‘creative hub of Liverpool’ and while it might not be a hub for me it is definitely a great place to poke around and look at contemporary arts, pop into independent craft shops, gift shops, and a handful of other little places all inside a beautiful historic building.

What more could you ask for? Actually it was a sunny day when we visited so that was a bonus!

I love you more than cheese…

I dragged (not kicking and screaming) Mum and Dad into the MYNE Boutique which I spotted in the courtyard area of the Bluecoat. And it was full of potential present and gift ideas, basically it is a real-life Etsy-style shop that also sells online. There were some lovely Liverpool specific tshirts, mugs, and posters that would have been a perfect addition to someone’s wall. However I don’t (currently) know anyone from Liverpool to give a gift to so that idea will have to wait (or I will have to look at gifts from other cities).

There was also a handmade card from MollycatCraftCo that hit me as being that little bit different:

I love you more than Cheese

I love a good handmade card that has a bit of humour, a bit of my sort of style, and I love the embroidered (I think) element to the card. That would totally be something I would keep and add to my collection of things that I can reuse in my own craftyness.

My wife (Josephine) would definitely be the type of person I would buy this card for (and hopefully she will forget this blog post so that I can purchase this in the future) as we have had numerous cheese-based adventures. She truly is a person to whom I can say ‘I love you more than cheese’.

Handmade cards that are that little bit extra special

I’ve had to go and had a quick browse (obviously) on the MollycatCraftCo Etsy shop and I love the cards that she is making. The simplicity, craft card, and little crochet hearts are beautiful and are something I would love to send to people.

It is cards like this that I hope people put and keep on their shelves for just that bit longer than they should just because the card is that nice and evokes such a lovely feeling for them.

If you have anything similar in your Etsy or Folksy shop please let me know as I am always on the look out for cards that are just that little bit extra special and might say ‘I love you more than…’
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