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Brilliant Beer Gifts thanks to Two Guys from Brussels

I wrote about how choosing a Father’s Day gift for my lovely (but awkward) Dad was a bit of a ballache (to say the least). Luckily the gift of beer didn’t let me down and thanks to Two Guys from Brussels I managed to put together fantastic beer gifts for my Dad.

I’d found Two Guys from Brussels (who are likely to think I am stalking them) via Crowdfunder and I thought their project would have been a perfect present but it was unfortunately (and fortunately) fully funded. I contacted them on Facebook to see if they still needed funding and if they could help with a gift (as their website still needs a bit of work in this respect).

They were fantastic. Incredibly helpful, they put together a range of beer gifts, chocolates, and Cuberdons (new to me too and well anything new and different is always worth a try) and posted out next day delivery! What more could a girl ask for?

Getting shouted at for beer gifts

Well, I mentioned above that my Dad was awkward and being awkward on beer is no different. He likes a pale beer with a low ABV and well that isn’t easy to find (any ideas on that are welcome) and the Two Guys mentioned this to me. It was worth the risk of being shouted at for beer gifts that did not meet my Dad’s brief for buying them somewhere that is independent, different, and making a difference to the local community (and further afield in North Wales in this case too!).

They have even offered, as I said thank you for the excellent customer service, to exchange the beers if my Dad pops in. However he has said ‘Noooo, I will taste them as they might go off before I take them back’ (which basically means he is happy with the beer!).

Beer gifts for my Dad for Father's Day
Beer gifts for my Dad for Father’s Day

He is the lucky recipient of a Hopus (made for the wedding of the owner of the Lefebvre brewery), a Prior 8 (in the top 20 beers in the World), a Carolus Dark (voted best beer in 2012), and a Palm (a Special Belge). If it wasn’t obvious the notes on the beers come from the Two Guys from Brussels!

All’s well that drinks well (and eats well)

The chocolates and Cuberdons (which I thoroughly recommend as I was allowed a taste on Sunday morning!) were in lovely little boxes wrapped with Belgian ribbon and while they didn’t last very long they were proclaimed as ‘creamy’ and ‘delicious’ (that was by Mum mind).

Dad has also told me that the first beer he drank – one of the Palm’s – was very nice and was enjoyed.  It also made him fall asleep which if that isn’t a sign of a good beer I don’t know what is!

Thank you again to Two Guys from Brussels for their help 🙂




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