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What to gift for a ruby wedding anniversary (especially for those people who are a bit awkward to buy for)?

Luckily ruby wedding anniversaries don’t crop up that often (an average of 40 years if the couple make it that far) so this isn’t one I need to think of the unusual, bespoke gift for on a regular basis. However they are kind of a big deal. 40 years is a long time to be married to someone and it definitely counts as a reason to celebrate.

Now I don’t normally buy my Mum and Dad (or anyone for that matter) an anniversary gift. I don’t know why to be honest I just never have so I haven’t got in the habit of sending anything to my married friends (sorry people). And it does mean they don’t need to worry I will do a Carrie Bradshaw on them after losing my shoes (apologies tangent).

But this year I (or me, my brother, my sister-in-law, and my two adorable monkeys (nephews)) did. As 40 years is something to celebrate and the last time we bought them a present they were celebrating 25 years so they deserved something (to say the least). But what? Especially as I have previously mentioned that my Dad is awkward and that they went from saying they needed a present to declaring they didn’t (they don’t make it easy).

A charity gift for a ruby wedding anniversary

So before hitting upon the perfect present for two awkward people I did have a few other ideas. They included something to do with wine (as it is red and there is a place called Ruby Red Wines), or port (as there are a few called Fine Ruby), or perhaps a holiday at Ruby Cottage in Cornwall? I even went down the route of cockney rhyming slang and looked at buying them a “ruby murray” from their favourite curry place in Chester.

Then I decided to have a look for anything else called Ruby and came across a certain donkey that needed adopting. Now Ruby might be a little bit further away than I expected (Sidmouth, Devon is quite a distance from North Wales) but then doesn’t that make the journey to see her a present in itself? Especially when we might be able to go as a whole family to see her (those monkeys I mentioned would love her).

The Donkey Sanctuary
Ruby from the Donkey Sanctuary

Ruby has been adopted from The Donkey Sanctuary and sounds like a bit of character. I know for some people an adopted donkey might be a bit of a different present but it made my mum and dad smile, helps Ruby stay happy and safe for a whole year, and is definitely a ruby related gift for a ruby wedding anniversary. What is not to love about an unusual feel-good gift like this?

Feel good gift ideas always welcome

Any other intriguing, quirky, and feel-good gift ideas are always welcome so please send me your ideas as I will have a golden wedding anniversary to think about in ten years’ time. I’m also still looking out for gifts for anyone who needs an idea in the run-up to Christmas and will donate to charity if you buy. Leave me a comment or tweet me if you would like me to put my elf hat on.



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