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A Welsh passport (because sometimes one is needed!)

I think I have mentioned that I have two adorable (yes I am biased) nephews who live Oop North with my Big Brother and Sister-in-Law. And they are of the age when a little fun goes a long way – such as a Welsh passport.

I made my eldest nephew (the adorable Benjamin) a Welsh passport for his visit to my Mum and Dad’s (aka Grandma and Grumps) who live in the family home of North Wales. He was a bit too young to understand what it was (I don’t think he was even one) but his Mum and Dad appreciated a little bit of humour.

Handmade and homemade Welsh Passports (note these are not legal!)

As I was looking through my phone for a photo of my Prudence and Crow book subscription I stumbled across the Welsh passports that I updated for Benjamin and made for George (the adorable youngest nephew) and I had to share them. I do love a silly little handmade gift now and again, especially one I can craft myself, and these definitely cover all those boxes:

Welsh passports
Welsh passports, because I have to live up to being fabulous Auntie Em!

As you can see they were very simply constructed with some blue card, photoshopped generic passport inners, and a Welsh dragon to pop on the front. As Benjamin was only nearly 4 at the time these went down a treat (and not just because he loves receiving post). He made sure that he packed his Welsh passport and George’s (adorable monkey no.2) when he came down to North Wales to see us all.

I'm not sure his face quite reflects how much he liked his Welsh passport!
I’m not sure his face quite reflects how much he liked his Welsh passport!

I’m not sure whether he truly believes he needs this to get into Wales (as sometimes he just likes to play along with the game). Even if he doesn’t believe he is enjoying a silly little something and it is making sure I keep on maintaining my reputation as fabulous Auntie Em!

What to make next?

It has been a while since I have sent them something in the post so it might be time to look at something homemade and handmade that I can create. Suggestions on what would be easy to post and suitable for two monkeys (aged nearly 5 and 1 and a half) then please let me know in the comments 🙂


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