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Falling in love….with Liberty London

I feel like I should apologise for the space in between posts (as other bloggers tend to do) and I am sorry (mainly for myself as the views are yet to hit the tens of figures) as I love buying gifts and I really am going to end up scrabbling around for gifts in December at this rate!

A trip to Liberty London might be both an answer and a problem to that dilemma. I’ve never been there before but its been on my list of London places for what feels like forever. To me it feels like  there just isn’t enough time to squeeze all of London into a few days (especially when it is going down for work). But popping down with the wifey (who I love more than cheese) was the perfect opportunity.

We’d already spent up at the Om Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace (who knew London had such a big hill, and cracking view?!) and there are a few items I purchased there which have to make it into a blog post (and will hopefully mean I keep this site up to date a bit more (potentially)) but we had to go and explore Oxford Circus after we’d finished bending, stretching, and having a good old time.

I didn’t realise Liberty London was that close to Oxford Circus (shameful I know, nearly as shameful as not paying enough for the tube (oops!)) but after realising that, and that there was a delicious and amusing sounding dim sum restaurant (Ping Pong) on the way, well, what more of an excuse do you need but to go there?

And it was beautiful. Lots of wooden walls, stairs, and lifts, all filled with beautiful (and crazily expensive (to us mere mortals anyway!)) clothes, make-up, chocolate, stationery, and the best two things (in my opinion) a Christmas shop and a haberdashery.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (at Liberty London anyway)

The wife and me might have done actual audible WOWs when the lift opened on the Christmas floor (this was after we had found the lift and got it to work). It was just full of twinkly loveliness. Thankfully I remembered that payday has not happened yet and managed to not buy everything in sight. However I couldn’t resist two items from the Christmas section, some salted caramel chocolate matches as I love a bit of creative packaging and Mr Stanley’s has done it so well with a box decorated as a match box. I can only hope that I resist eating them before I give them as a present and that the person I give them to loves the taste of them!

I also bought some Knock Knock Nifty Notes to send a list to Father Christmas (or Santa if you prefer) which I am thinking might work well in Christmas cards? I do think there is something creative that can be done with these to send out to lots of people rather than just one? I’ll keep you posted (is there a slight pun intended there?!) on what happens with those!

Chocolate gifts, paper gifts, and a little gift for me!
Chocolate gifts, paper gifts, and a little gift for me!

Then we hit the haberdashery and it was another piece of heaven (if rather an expensive heaven) with the renowned fabrics, beautiful wool, perfect patterns and craft kits, and well I had to treat me and the wife to a little something. A little Liberty fabric filled lavender bag for a reasonably priced £5.95 (I thought anyway), I know it is something we could have made ourselves but, well, sometimes treating yourself is just easier than buying the individual elements to make.

Liberty London, all I can say is that I will be back (probably with the wife!) and my pockets will be lined with spending money!



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