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Keeping it green this Christmas with environmentally friendly gift wrap

The wife (who again I should point out is married to a man) was picking my brains on wrapping presents that didn’t result in a lot of waste (or mess). Now, I’m not 100% sure that I can help on the mess front but I do have a few ideas (based on my constant need to search Google) that might work. So some of these ideas are my own and some have had a little bit of help from Google.

I think I’m turning Japanese (apologies) with furoshiki

Furoshiki, according to Wikipedia, is the Japanese traditional wrapping cloth used to transport clothes, gifts, or anything else that suits. It is a perfect option, if like me, you are a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty scraps of fabric (especially fat quarters, I love a fat quarter). You might have 101 good ideas of what you want to do with these pretty pieces of fabric but they end up in your craft cupboard. Wrapping a present the Japanese way in a scrap of fabric, or even gift wrapping more traditionally with fabric, is a lovely way of passing on more than just a gift for someone to treasure.

I’ve also seen people do this with kitchen towels. I think my sister-in-law would absolutely love it if I bought Christmas tea towels and wrapped her gifts in them. I also think it would be incredibly easy to gift wrap this way (but that might be famous last words!). I do think that I will be keeping an eye out in the Christmas sales (is it wrong to plan for next year already?) and keep an eye out for some tea towels to use as present wrapping.

Wrapping paper that is comically eco-conscious

Old comics could make for a fabulous upcycled wrapping paper idea. Perhaps not fantastically Christmassy but one for wrapping other presents at other times of the year. Or rooting out your Christmas themed Beano or Dandy? At least there is a lot of red in those comics. I also found Hero Wrap. Difficult to know if it ships to the UK or even if it still open for business but definitely an idea that anyone could adapt for themselves. A bit of lamination or sticky-back plastic (you know those book covering self-adhesives?) that you could turn into wrapping paper and something different for the gift recipient to re-use or frame and keep?

Re- re- re- re-wrap it

Purchasing wrapping paper that is already environmentally friendly might be another way of making your present as feel-good as possible. And Re-wrapped might be the perfect place for this. A UK based independent company they pride themselves on producing beautiful gift wrap that is ethical, recycled, and environmentally friendly. What is not to love about that?

 A final few ideas on going green

So those are a few ideas I have found that can be bought online or sourced from your craft box (if you are anything like me). But if you have the time I think it is a perfect opportunity to get creative and I’ve found a few more useful ideas/links:

Personally I love brown craft paper to wrap presents or black paper that I then decorate myself. One it wraps really easily, two you can find recycled versions of both relatively easily (brown craft paper and black paper). I think this year, based on the wife’s prompting, I will buy myself recycled paper versions to begin with and ask everyone I gift something to to try and make sure they put their wrapping paper in the recycling.

P.S I am still ready to put my elf hat on if you need a hand and will make a charitable donation if you take me up on any suggestion 🙂



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