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Make your own bra – does such a gift exist?

To be fair a make your own bra kit would potentially just be a very nice present for myself especially based on the conversation I had with the wife (Josephine, who will want it cleared up that she has a husband too) who said that such a thing would be incredibly fiddly and more trouble than it is worth.

Based on searching for such a do it yourself gift she might be right. I do think there is a potential gap in the market here (although not for me as I am not that level of sewer) and while I have found the cutest polka dot knicker making kits from Flo-Jo finding an equally cute and easy-to-make bra kit is not looking as easy.

I’m going to blame the Great British Sewing Bee quite frankly. Had they not had a first challenge to make your own bra one week then I would not have got it in my head that such a craft kit would make a perfect present for one of my crafty friends or family (and for myself obviously).

It does however look like it will be one of those things when an idea I get in my head for a present does not yet exist. And unlike the chocolate sharks this is not something I can put together myself (I don’t think). A quick Google has revealed some potential options but I am being picky in that I want a make your own bra kit that includes fabric and a pattern. Ideally I’d also like to buy from the UK but that’s not essential.

So the potential options I have found to date include:

  • Make your own bra kit from Elise Patterns. This is a value for money £15.00 – £16.40, ticks the UK box, but doesn’t include a pattern. I’m sure I could source one myself but being new to bra making I don’t want to run the risk I find a pattern that the items in this make your own bra kit can’t make.
  • DIY bra kit from Merckwaerdigh on Etsy. This looks promising despite shipping from Holland. I think a pattern is included – it is difficult to tell and I don’t like buying to have to return – and there is a great choice of fabric and lace.
  • Complete bra kit from White Tree Fabrics. Now this one does have a pattern (hooray!) and is based in the UK (tick). The only downside is that the fabric looks a bit plain and simple which if this wasn’t a gift wouldn’t be a problem (I might look at buying this one for myself) but to give to someone else I would want the fabric to be that bit more special so that this really felt like a gift for them rather than a chore.

I have also discovered an article on Mollie Makes about handmade lingerie bra patterns (which makes me feel slightly better about not being the only one inspired by the Sewing Bee!) and while I love the photography and patterns none of these actually counts as a make your own bra kit. But it does make me think that I could purchase a kit from White Tree Fabrics and get to grips with making my own bra and then attempt a kit myself. Potentially.

If anyone has any ideas on where I can find a make your own bra kit please drop me a comment!



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