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Greetings (the kind that are sent through the post in the shape of a card)!

I’ll warn you in advance that the end of this post might become a little bit self-indulgent (as it involves one of my favourite things I’ve ever gifted) but before we get there I thought it was time to explore the beauty of greeting cards. According to Wikipedia (the font of all knowledge) a greeting card is: an illustrated piece of card or high quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment.

On the whole, we (the global we) tend to send greeting cards around Christmas (and other religious/seasonal events) as well as birthdays. But, now and again, I like to send a greeting card just because. And with the sheer amount of humourous, beautiful, and thoughtful greeting cards that you can buy is there really any reason why we shouldn’t put things in the post now and again (especially, if like me, you don’t live on the doorstep to all your friends)?

Recycling greeting cards

Well, one reason (perhaps) not to buy and send greeting cards is that they can’t always be recycled. I try to be as green as possible (evidenced through various posts on this site) and looking on RecycleNow (a UK-based handy guide to what you can recycle) you can recycle greeting cards if they don’t have glitter, foil, felt or other decorations on them. Removing glitter from a greeting card sounds like a thankless task to me but I like to be as environmentally-friendly as I can when I receive cards and as I am somewhat of a hoarder of anything pretty, I do have a few ideas on what you can turn your greeting card into if it can’t be recycled. Such as:

  • Gift tags
  • Decoration (I quite like using ribbons and bells that can be on cards for wrapping presents)
  • Paper bunting
  • Collages or other crafts (I quite like paper-cutting at the minute and think greeting cards could be fabulous for this either as a background or to be cut out)

There are a few other ideas out there and I have to thank for the inspiration!

A few of my favourite places to buy greeting cards

To be fair this could be an unlimited list (is it just me who loves looking at cards?) but not everyone can visit Birmingham and the independent shops I like to buy cards from (Ikon Gallery and Citizen Home to name but two). To whittle my limitless list down to just a few I would have to shout out to:

Shameless self-indulgence coming up (but also an idea for future recycling)

Hopefully, everything above will suddenly start to make sense when I explain about a gift (or present) I recently made for the lovely Fay. I’d seen a fabulous (and quirky) card from Ohh Deer pop up in my instagram feed the other week and I had to buy it (along with a few others that I posted out with some Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate as little somethings for my friends Laura and Jo which are bound to feature in a future post).

I felt that the card needed to be more than just a card though (as a card almost seems to have an expiry date?). So I picked up a frame from Sostrene and Grene (my new favourite shop in Chester) and created the following:

Who wouldn’t want this positive message every day?

Which I have on good authority now takes pride of place on Fay’s bedside table (I’m sure her husband is fine with this). What have I missed that you could do to recycle greeting cards? Or where can I add to my list of favourite places to buy greeting cards? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Greetings (the kind that are sent through the post in the shape of a card)!

  1. Even if Steve didn’t want it on the bedside table he knows not to choose that battle… it’s a thing of beauty!


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